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048 | Incorporating Christian Faith into EMDR Therapy*

Preconference Workshops


Elizabeth Weinhold, M.A., and Kathleen Fitzgerald, M.A.



Approved For CE


Approved For CME/CEU




This advanced workshop aims to enhance the collaboration between an EMDR-trained counselor and a client seeking trauma work who has an experience of God incorporated into EMDR therapy. The workshop’s primary focus is assessing and accessing the client’s AIP regarding their spiritual identity. A significant amount of time and focus will be spent on Phases I and II. Specifically, trainees will learn to take a spiritual history. The client’s positive and negative memories of their faith will be assessed. When the client experienced God, memories in that neural network, and the emotions and sensations experienced when God is present will be assessed. Determining if the client can experience God in the here and now and how to do that is taught and modeled. The therapist is taught to look for signs in the client’s body so that a true sense of calming is witnessed. Additionally, the therapist needs to assess and understand how trauma has blocked a spiritual connection. Specific memories, thoughts, feelings, and sensations associated with a disconnection to the spiritual must be understood. Last, the complexities of developing strong Negative Cognitions, Positive Cognitions, and Cognitive Interweaves with clients who are struggling spiritually will be taught.

Learning Objectives

Discuss how to assess a client’s spiritual trauma
Explore the importance of the AIP model from a spiritual point of view, both finding the blocks and the positive memories
Examine how to assess the blocks that interfere with the client’s access to God and the memories in that neural network